Suitable substrate to plant my orchid

There are different types of orchids with very distinct root behaviors, leading us to have substrates designed for each of them. This is why it’s vital to know what type of orchid we have in order to determine the best substrate for it and to try to mimic its natural environment as closely as possible.

For now, let’s discuss epiphytic orchids, specifically referring to Phalaenopsis or Cattleyas, two of the most famous and common orchids found in our homes. Epiphytic orchids grow on trees, which provide support for them, and they often have visible roots. Therefore, the first thing to know is that we should not plant them in soil; instead, we should look for a substrate that include the following characteristics:

  1. It must retain moisture.
  2. It should drain quickly.
  3. It must provide good air circulation.
  4. Its decomposition should be slow.

With this in mind, our “Orquimedio” is a mixture that contains the following components, allowing your orchid to feel as a natural environment:

  1. Pátula pine bark: This component is dark in color and decomposes slowly. It maintains a sturdy structure with excellent porosity and is a renewable organic resource, being a byproduct of reforestation forests when they are harvested. It has several benefits, such as reducing weed germination and growth in our pots, acting as a temperature regulator, providing ventilated roots, maintaining proper moisture levels by allowing excess water to drain easily, keeping nutrients at an appropriate pH, and decreasing the likelihood of disease transmission due to its relatively inert nature.

2. Charcoal: This component should come from burning industrial waste wood. It’s important in our orchid substrate mixture as it keeps the mix fresh and filters impurities. It’s suitable for most orchid mixtures. 

Creating the right substrate for your orchids is crucial to their overall health and well-being, as it mimics the conditions they would experience in their natural habitat.

You can purchase the substrate on our website or in our stores in Cali and Ginebra. If you have any questions, you can visit our stores, where our staff can provide more suggestions. Additionally, we have all the necessary accessories for your orchid cultivation, from Orquimedio (substrate) to Orquitutor, decorative bases, Orquiabono, planters, and many other things.

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