How to Order Abroad

We can bring your favorite Orchids, please mind the events, dates and conditions.

Show Preorders

Every month we update our “Event List”. We can bring special orders for you if we visit your country or region. We will also post our order deadlines for each show.

Orders are put together in Cali, Colombia and then brought to North America or Europe by Andrea Niessen or Juan Carlos Uribe for their visit to your country or region. On arrival the plants are forwarded to you as soon as possible or delivered personally at a show or event. The minimum order value is US$ 200 for North America and € 200 for Europe.

Shipping cost is 12% of the plants’ value with a minimum charge of US$ 60 for Express Mail delivery in the USA and € 25 in Europe.



  • 10% discount for orders over US$ 700.
  • 15% discount for orders over US$ 1.000.
  • Orders over US$ 3.000 receive 20% discount and free shipping.

Important Notice

  • This price list is subjected to plant availability and prices may change without notice.
  • According to international regulations, the plants must be shipped bare rooted, which means out of the pot and free of substrate. 
  • Most species are exposed to dehydration during the trip from Colombia. 
  • All the plants are labeled as accurately as possible.

Special Orders

For special orders to countries other than the ones mentioned above or out of our announced schedule, which implies a direct delivery straight from Colombia, shipping charges will vary depending on the order’s size and the selected plant species. Our minimum order value for this modality is US $ 5.000. FOR THIS CASE there is a charge of US$ 200 for CITES.  The cost of the Phytosanitary certificate deppends on the special requirements of the country.   In addition to custom clearance expenses, import duties and freights.The discount scale is the following:

  • Between US$ 5.001 and US$ 7.000 – 20% discount
  • Between US$ 7.000 and US$10.000 – 30% discount