Our founders: Andrea Niessen and Juan Carlos Uribe

Our founders met through their passion for orchids. Andrea is a biologist with a master’s degree in Gainesville, Florida. Juan Carlos is an agricultural engineer with master’s degree in Texas I&M.

Their common passion led them to create a family and after a couple of years they turned their hobby into a Company. Orquídeas del Valle SAS was founded in 1989 with a small nursery in Ginebra – Valle and a sales warehouse in Cali.

Today we have two orchid retail shops,  two nurseries (warm and cool weather) and 15 direct employees. We have created a community of families that lives around orchids. Orquivalle is a worldwide reference company in the conservation, reproduction and cultivation of Colombian species.

We are members of the most important orchid societies

Warm Weather Nursery
Ginebra - Colombia

Our main nursery is located one hour by car from Cali near the town of Ginebra.  At an altitude of 1000 meters (3300 ft) The temperature goes from 18 to 30 °C ( 64 to 86 °F) Here we grow ochids like:

  • Cattleyas
  • Laelias and Schomburgkias
  • Stanhopeas
  • Oncidiums
  • Phalaenopsis

Cool Weather Nursery
Cali - Colombia

Our cool weahter nursery is located 16 km from Cali at an altitude of 1800m (5200 ft) at a Cloud forest. With high humidity and a temperature between 13 and 25 °C ( 55 75°F)  it is the perfect place to grow orchids like:

  • Draculas
  • Masdevallias
  • Pleurothalis
  • Miltonias
  • Lepanthes