Orchid Tours
in Colombia!

Besides our beautiful Landscapes, Colombia has one of the greatest diversities of orchids on the planet. We invite you to explore our mountains and valleys to discover our beautiful orchids in their national habitat, as well as our rich biodiversity and spend a wonderful time visiting one of friendliest places on earth.

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Safety First

Colombia’s security situation has improved considerably during the last decade. Nevertheless, the safety of our guests is our priority and we make sure the places we visit with our travelers allow them to admire nature without any worries.

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Tours for Everyone

If for some reason you cannot walk long distances, don’t worry! Our tours are not complicated journeys and we can adjust them to your needs.

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We Customize Your Experience

We organize customized tours according to group size, dates, duration and places to be visited.

Send an email to andreaniessen@orquivalle.com and start to plan you trip right now!