Orquivalle Colombian Orchids

We are Colombia’s main orchid export company. We have been researching, reproducing and exporting Colombian orchids for over 25 years. Beside our Head Quarter in Cali, Colombia, we own warm and cool growing nursuries to be able to reproduce and to grow almost any kind of orchid.

Our Founders:

Juan Carlos Uribe y Andrea Niessen

Our goal is simple, SURVIVE!  We reproduce as many orchid species as possible from seed and try to learn more and more about the Colombian orchids as we work toward this goal. Our training, experience and knowledge give us a distinct advantage. We are passionate about our native orchids, and hope that you will come to love these orchids as much as we do. Colombia’s diverse habitats have yielded nearly 5,000 orchid species, yet the mountains and valleys certainly hold riches still to be discovered. Our mission is to propagate species in our lab and insure their continuance by offering them for sale to the orchid enthusiast. Orquídeas del Valle has two nursery locations, one in Ginebra at 1,000m elevation and the other, El Barranco at 1800m. The differing climates of these two locations allow us to grow both warm-to-intermediate orchids as well as cooler types. We also have two retail locations, one in Cali proper and on the road to Ginebra.

Our Team

We our proud of our team, most of them have been with Orquídeas del Valle for over 25 years. After all theses years of training and hard work, all the members of our team have become into real orchid expert. We are strongly commited to provide our employees with the best possible conditions and improve the lifes of their families and the community.


Our laboratory currently contains about 2,500 flasks – mostly Colombian species. Sowing orchid seed is a continuing process for us. We not only self or sib-cross our own stock but seek unique species and varieties form other collections.

Occasionally we will take seed or pollen from the wild, particularly with prolific genera such as Epidendrum. This ensures that our breeding lines contain diverse genetic material.

Our Nurseries

Warm Growing Nursery

At our warm nursery in Ginebra we grow a good selection of Cattleyas, Encyclias, Pescatorea, Cochleanthes, Chondrorhyncha, Galeottia, Kefersteinia, Miltoniopsis, Oncidium, Pleurothallis, Stanhopea and Gongora and many other general. And of course, our Catasetum and Cycnoches are grown here. We are proud to have been responsible for the reintroduction of the incredible Cyc. barthiorum to the orchid world.

Cold Growing Nursery

In the Western Mountain Range, 20 minutes away from Cali , at 1800 m we have our cool growing nursery. In a very natural setting we have managed to build 8 small greenhouses where we grow a large variety of Lepanthes, Masdevallias, Draculas, Maxillarias, Pleurothallis, Stellis, Platysteles, etc.. In the garden we have naturalized a nice variety of Aroids, Bromeliads, Gesneriads, as well as many of the native orchids from the area such as Dracula chimaera, Maxillaria luteograndiflora, Stellis argentata, Epidendrums, Sobralias, Elleanthus, and many others.

Orchid Shop in Cali

At our Orchid Sop in Cali we provide our customers plants and supplies for the orchid growing needs. We also sell and deliver blooming orchid plants for gifts. If you are planning on sending a gift to a friend let us know. We can deliver it in Cali and you can pay us by Paypal.

Garden Shop “Tierra Buena”

Ginebra is where we also grow most of our “pot plant” orchids for local customers. Our garden shop on the road to Ginebra is a popular stop for locals to shop for orchids during weekend outings. Plenty of showy Cattleyas, Dendro- biums, Phalaenopsis and Oncidiums and a glass of cold juice refresh the spirit. If you are ever in the Cauca Valley be sure to stop for a visit!